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Insulated Aluminium Tubes

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Insulated Aluminium Tubes

1.As a replacement of copper pipes,aluminum coils are more cost-effective.
2.Welding point: no pores/cracks/burrs/burn through, unfused, no oxidized.
3.Air tightness: using high pressure package 4.0MPa pressure for 5 minutes, no leakage.
4.Pressure resistance: in the air tightness test, slow pressurization to 13MPa for 1 minute, without any crack.
5.Bending: Bend the sample into the bending center to pipe nominal diameter 2 times, no 
6.wrinkle and crack after 180 degree bending.
7.Tensile strength: tensile strength in 65-118MPa, the broken part is on aluminium pipe, and the distance from the welding place is more than 10mm.
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